TrailRax - Shovel & Axe Mount (TR-SM)
TrailRax - Shovel & Axe Mount (TR-SM)
TrailRax - Shovel & Axe Mount (TR-SM)
TrailRax - Shovel & Axe Mount (TR-SM)

TrailRax - Shovel & Axe Mount (TR-SM)

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The Shovel and Axe mount is capable of mounting on almost any surface, it can be mounted on our TRMR Rack, Pak Rax, and even the 90 brackets

Separate doors keep the tools from falling on you, you can now access the exact tool you need.

This Shovel and Axe mount works perfectly for the full product line from TrailRax. Mount it to your JL or JK Pak Rax! You can add it to your TRMR Rack just about anywhere. The Shovel and Axe allows for common diameter tools to be mounted to your overland build with ease. 

The Shovel and Axe mount from TrailRax offers independent opening flanges for each tool allowing you to get to the one tool you need at a time. This means tools will not be falling on you when you open the mount. The mount also has adjustable tightness on the hinges allowing the user to choose how freely the mount opens and closes.

Included is additional trim for you to have adjustable tightness for different tools! 

Padlock NOT included. 

We recommend getting a 3/16 or 1/4" diameter Padlock with at least a 1/2" horizontal clearance for ease of use. 

What's In the Box?

  • Shovel & Axle Mount assembled
  • 4x rubber trim for adjustable tension
  • 4x 1/4-20 bolts
  • 8x 1/4 washers
  • 4x 1/4-20 Nylon nuts

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