Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)
Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)

Rock Jock - JL/JT (Rubicon) High Steer Knuckle Kit (For Ram Assist) (RJ-440000-101)

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RockJock's High Steer Knuckle Kit for Rubicon (or Mojave) model JL Wrangler, JL Unlimited and JT Gladiator vehicles is a game changer, packed with features that improve the off-road capabilities, as well as the on-road drivability of your vehicle!
Intended for use on the wider width factory axles (found in Rubicons, Mojaves, etc.), this kit replaces the inferior factory aluminum knuckles with our cast iron high steer knuckles (RJ-44700-101) that exceed OEM quality and strength. Our knuckles raise the tie rod 2 3/4 in. and the drag link 2 1/2 in., moving the rods out of the way of rocks and helping to restore factory steering geometry for improved drivability and overall road comfort on a lifted rig. The new knuckles also feature two adjustable steering stop locations (fore and aft of axle centerline) for full lock-to-lock adjustability which helps ease the strain on steering components at full lock. Stock ball joints, unit bearings, axles, brakes and dust shields are all retained.
Our Currectlync steering included in this kit features our revolutionary high articulation forged chromoly drag link (RJ-442103-101) that incorporates a unique organic shape with many compound curves, that can only be achieved via forging, resulting in maximum up-travel capabilities. Our tie rod (RJ-442101-101) is a 42mm (1 5/8 in.) diameter chromoly tube. All Currectlync steering ends are forged steel and comparable in size to those found on modern 1-ton trucks.
Given the dramatic geometry changes vehicle lifts impose, this kit includes a trac bar geometry relocation bracket with a fully integrated ram assist steering mount (RJ-441109-103). Our trac bar mounting point is raised 2 in., to correct geometry, preventing any bump steer. The ram assist mount portion of the bracket provides an easy bolt-up anchor point for your hydraulic assist ram, as well as a lower skid plate, incorporated into the bracket, to protect the ram from rocks!
Also provided is our high-end, forged chromoly ram assist clamp tie rod clamp (RJ-441001-101) that easily installs onto the 42mm (1 5/8 in.) tie rod tube, allowing for full adjustability.
We recommend the use of our RJ-9120FJLF forged chromoly organically shaped front trac bar and our RJ-107101-101 fully adjustable front bump stop kit to ensure all components nest together for maximum up-travel, as engineered.
*A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say! Please review this item’s photo gallery!

Kit Fits:

*Fits all listed vehicles below, granted they retain the factory, wider width (Rubicon/Mojave) front differential, or any aftermarket differential that features factory spec. inner C-knuckles.

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) - Rubicon Models
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) - Rubicon Models
  • JT Gladiator - Rubicon/Mojave Models

Kit Includes:

  • Left side high steer steering knuckle
  • Right side high steer steering knuckle
  • Currectlync drag link
  • Currectlync tie rod
  • Trac bar relocation and ram mount axle bracket
  • Ram assist tie rod clamp

Fitment Specs.:

  • For use on any Rubicon/Mojave width factory JL or JT front differential, or any aftermarket Rubicon/Mojave replacement axle that features factory specification inner C-knuckles and up to 3 1/2 in. diameter axle tubes.
  • Retains factory unit bearings, axle shafts, ball joints, steering stop bolts & brakes with dust shields.
  • Trac bar relocation / ram assist axle bracket kit provides new sway bar link mounting holes that are raised 2 1/8 in. higher than stock (sway bar link lengths must be adjusted to accommodate this).
  • Intended to be used with a minimum of a 17 in. diameter wheel and up to a 6 in. wheel backspacing.
  • A minimum bump stop extension is mandatory to keep components from crashing under full articulation range conditions. Necessary extension amounts, per drivetrain, are as follows: Gas vehicles = 2.2 in., Diesel vehicles = 1 in., 392 vehicles = 0.20 in. See our bump stop options for all drivetrains.
  • This package requires a ram assist steering ram stroke of 7.375 in. to achieve full potential (factory steering radius). Contact PSC for their part number CAK691-RJz ram.


  • Axle bracket easily installs, but requires welding. However, it mounts solidly enough with the bolts that you can safely drive it to a welder if need be.
  • For optimum performance of this kit, we recommend the use of our RJ-9120FJLF trac bar and our RJ-107101-101 adjustable bump stop kit.
  • This kit is intended for use in conjunction with PSC's part number CAK691-RJ ram and ram assist steering kits.


Parts List:

  • High Steer Knuckles (pair): RJ-447100-101
  • Currectlync Drag Link: RJ-442103-101
  • Currectlync Tie Rod: RJ-442101-101
  • Trac Bar Relocation and Ram Mount Axle Bracket: RJ-441109-103
  • Ram Assist Tie Rod Clamp: RJ-441001-101

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