Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)
Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)
Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)
Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)
Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)

Redarc - Alpha 150 12V 150AH Lithium Battery (LBAT12150-SB)


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80% Faster Charging: Charge up to 80% faster than competitors with a lightning-fast maximum charge rate of 135A, reducing charging time to just 1.1 hours (compared to 2.0 hours for competitors).

70% Higher Power Density: Experience up to 70% more Amp Hours per cubic inch compared to key lithium competitors, allowing for more power in a compact size. Maximize your storage space without compromising on performance.

30% Higher Weight Efficiency: Enjoy up to 30% more Amp Hours per pound than key lithium competitors, providing a lightweight solution for optimal weight distribution in your vehicle setup.

Long Cycle Life: Benefit from a long cycle life of over 5000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD). With up to 60% longer lifespan than some lithium competitors, it's not just a battery - it's a long-term investment.


One Battery, 2560 Watts of Freedom: With a continuous discharge of 200A, Alpha150 effortlessly powers high-demand appliances such as a 2000W inverter. No need for multiple batteries like our competitors – save on cost, space, and weight while enjoying uncompromised power.

Fully Integrated and Self-Managed Heating: No tangle of external wiring, heaters and controllers required. Our battery keeps warm in freezing temperatures, so you can explore without limits.

Configurable Outputs for External Device Control:  Take control of your power management, automate switching of generators and inverters based on battery percentage.

Multi-Connectable Battery Terminals: Streamline your installation and power distribution. Connect multiple loads effortlessly with our versatile terminal options.


Conquer any Climate: Charge from as low as -22°F to 113°F and discharge from -4°F to 140°F. Conquer extreme climates with confidence.

Designed for the Toughest Terrains: Encased in durable PC/ABS with an IP56 rating, the Alpha150 shrugs off vibration, dust or water.

Built to Last: Crafted with precision in the Netherlands to meet the highest quality standards, including UL1642 and UN38.3 and FCC certifications.

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