OME - Toyota 4Runner 2010+ Medium Load Suspension Lift Kit with BP-51 Bypass Shocks (OME4RNR10MKBP51) Media 1 of 1

OME - Toyota 4Runner 2010+ Medium Load Suspension Lift Kit with BP-51 Bypass Shocks (OME4RNR10MKBP51)

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ARB 4X4 Accessories is proud to announce BP-51 Suspension Kits for 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner applications. Bring race technology to your adventures with OME's BP-51 suspension kit, featuring revolutionary patent-pending technology developed to deliver unparalleled on and off road performance. These bolt-on, big bore, position sensitive internal bypass shock absorbers have been developed and tested to provide exceptional ride comfort around town with significant amounts of end-zone damping for exceptional chassis control and handling off road.

BP-51 shock absorbers provide greater levels of damping at each end of the stroke based on position and velocity of the piston. This provides a comfortable and compliant ride during normal driving, improved control over challenging terrain and prevents harsh topping/bottoming out through bumpy roads. Damping performance is easily adjustable across a wide range in both rebound and compression, allowing the driver to customize the vehicle's ride performance for road conditions, vehicle load scenarios and personal preference. The body, reservoir and components are all made from aircraft grade (6061 T6) aluminum, with a type 3, 40 micron hard anodized finish, ensuring exceptional heat dissipation and resistance to corrosion and stone damage. Designed, developed, tested and manufactured entirely in-house by ARB's team of Old Man Emu Engineers to guarantee the highest possible quality, all BP-51 shock absorbers come with a 3-year warranty. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Bring Race Technology To Your Adventures
  • Featuring Revolutionary Patent Pending Technology
  • Developed To Deliver Unparalleled On And Off Road Performance
  • Suits non-KDSS models only

Kit Components

  • VM80010010 BP-51 Shock Fitting Kit, 1
  • 2895 Rear Coil Spring Set, 1
  • BP5190002R Front BP-51 Coilover for Right Side, 1
  • BP5190002L Front BP-51 Coilover for Left Side, 1
  • BP5160025 Rear BP-51 Bypass Shock Absorber, 2
  • VM80010028 Front BP-51 Shock Fitting Kit, 1

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