OME - 4Runner (2010-23) FJ Cruiser (2010-14) MT64 Standard Kit (MT644RS)
OME - 4Runner (2010-23) FJ Cruiser (2010-14) MT64 Standard Kit (MT644RS)
OME - 4Runner (2010-23) FJ Cruiser (2010-14) MT64 Standard Kit (MT644RS)

OME - 4Runner (2010-23) FJ Cruiser (2010-14) MT64 Standard Kit (MT644RS)


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Get more out of your FJ Cruiser and 4Runner with this standard suspension kit. Ideal for replacing the OE shocks and vehicles with no added weight. Comes with application valved MT64 shock absorbers that offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use. Multiple snap-ring grooves in the strut body allow for different spring seat positions, providing 2.5 inch of lift when paired with the Old Man Emu coil springs. Smooth controlled ride for everyday and long-distance driving to reduce fatigue and improve driver and passenger comfort. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Increased ground clearance
  • Best for stock vehicles with no added weight
  • Suits KDSS and non-KDSS models

Kit Components

  • 2895 Rear Coil Spring Set x 1
  • OMETH002 Strut Top Hat Kit x 2
  • MT64901007 MT64 Strut Front x 2
  • 4007 Front Coil Spring Set x 1
  • MT64601009 MT64 Shock Absorber Rear x 2



MT64's massive 2.8 inch body allows more oil and better heat dissipation for a refined ride 


Aerospace grade aluminum dissipates heat effectively, while a 7/8" piston rod shaft delivers exceptional stability



Designed with a hydraulic end zone top out for added padding at full extension, compensating for unexpected bumps



An adjustable spring seat with six positions allows one coil spring to cater for differing accessory weight 


Adjustable spring seat with 6 positions in 5mm increments, allows for one coil spring to cater for different weight variations


Overlanding demands shocks that can handle all conditions, day after day and that is what MT64 is designed to do. Its moniker derives from the internal monotube design using an enormous 64mm (2.5 in) inner bore diameter.

These cutting-edge shocks are built to handle the unique challenges faced by vehicles equipped with campers, toppers, tents, and rack systems. MT64 slots between the iconic Nitrocharger and the ultra-high-performance, adjustable BP-51 suspension offerings from Old Man Emu.


What's it like to drive on MT64s? Harry Wagner took ARB's outfitted Tacoma to the Sweetwater Range in Northern California for a shake down and his report was favorable to say the least.

"The first thing we noticed was how well the MT64 shocks handled the weight over potholes and curves in the road. Plenty of rebound damping meant that the Tacoma felt settled and didn’t wallow around, even when fully loaded for the expedition... Whether slow speed crawling or carrying momentum over loose terrain, the MT64 shock absorbers offered a smooth ride. "

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