Dobinsons MRR Kit For Lexus GX460 at West Coast Off-Roaders Canada

Dobinsons - 1" to 3.5" MRR 3-Way Adjustable Lift Kit Lexus GX460 2010-2022 (KDSS) (DSSKITMRA07)

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Dobinsons was established in 1953 and is largely based on Leaf and Coil Spring Manufacturing and the supply of Suspension Components. Made in Australia their success has come about by providing high quality products and a range of options to suit your specific on or off road needs.

Key Features:

  • 3-way Adjustable shocks provide maximum adjustability to provide the perfect ride quality for you.
  • 10 Stage High Speed Compression - For aggressive, high speed off roading through ruts and holes.
  • 20 Stage Low Speed Compression - For creepy crawling and cornering
  • 15 Stage Rebound - Control your coils, prevent bucking
  • 50mm CNC Machined High Flow Billet Aluminium Race Piston
  • 3mm Thick Heavy Duty DOM Seamless 56mm O.D. shock Body Precision Honed to +/- 0.04mm
  • Upgraded 3 Stage FKM-HNBR Sealing System
  • TSUGAMITM CNC machined components for precise tolerances
  • ParkerTM Braided High Pressure Hoses
  • 5140 HV900 Hard Chrome Plated, Heat treated 18mm Micro-Polished high strength Shock Shaft with a minimum tensile strength exceeding 700MPA
  • T6 6061 Height Adjustable Spring Seat
  • Carbon-Fibre/PTFE/Disulphide composite wear band for the ultimate in low-friction, low-wear performance
  • 60mm Full 6063 aluminum remote reservoir 
  • Lightweight CNC Machined Low Friction floating piston
  • High Quality O.E.M. Grade Natural Rubber Bushings
  • Single Piece Lower Leg
  • EDP Surface Protection
  • Direct Bolt-On Design
  • CNC TIG Precision Welded Body End Mounts
  • Fully Rebuildable Design
  • Includes front and rear spacers to correct lean, We reccomend installing both front and rear spacers on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  •  ***2.5" or more of lift, new UCA's are recommended***

Front Coil Spec Options

  • C59-300 - V8 - 1.5" Lift, Stock front end load
  • C59-302 - V8 - 2" lift, Stock front end load
  • C59-314 - V8 - 2.5" lift, Stock front end load 
  • C59-352 - V8 - 2.0" lift, 110-220LBS front end load
  • C59-354 - V8 - 2.0" lift, 220-350LBS front end load

Rear Coil Spec Options

  • C59-323 - 0.5" lift, Stock rear end
  • C59-599 - 1" lift, Stock rear end
  • C59-505 - 1.5" lift, Stock rear end load
  • C59-325 - 2" lift, Stock rear end load
  • C59-327 - 2" lift, 200-400LB heavy rear load weight
  • C59-329 - 2" lift, 600-800lbs heavy rear load weight
  • C59-331 - 2" lift, 900-1000lbs super heavy rear load weight
  • C59-675V - 2" Stock Load (Variable Rate, Long Travel)
  • C59-677V - 2" 400lb Load / 3" Stock Load (Variable Rate, Long Travel) 
  • C59-701V - 2" 600lb Load / 3" 200lb Load (Variable Rate, Long Travel) 
  • C59-749V - 2" 800lb Load / 3" 400lb Load (Variable Rate, Long Travel) 
  • C59-849V - 2" 1000lb+ Load / 3" 600lb Load (Variable Rate, Long Travel) 

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