Carli Suspension - 17-23 Ford Bronco Carli-Spec King Coilovers, Front & Rear (CS-BR25SPKG-21) Media 1 of 1

Carli Suspension - 17-23 Ford Bronco Carli-Spec King Coilovers, Front & Rear (CS-BR25SPKG-21)

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– Carli Spec’d King 2.5″ Diameter R/R Front Coilovers
– Carli Spec’d King 2.5″ Diameter R/R Rear Coilovers
– Carli Linear Shock Pistons and Custom Tuning
– 17-4 Stainless Steel Shock Shafts
– Front & Rear Reservoir Mounts
– Rear Roost Guards
– Sasquatch: 1″ Lift
– Non-Sasquatch: 3″ Lift
– Fitment: 2021+ Ford Bronco 4×4


Carli started the suspension with a King OEM coilover to find they’d maxed the travel capability; they were pleased with their R&D. Their alterations to their coilover entailed:

  1. 17-4 Stainless Steel Shock Shafts as a Standard on the Carli Proprietary Kings
  2. Standard Compression Adjusters and Short-Finned reservoirs. They’ve always been about the most-premium version of a product; these compression adjuster work great with their Carli Pistons and tuning to dial in the ride for dirt days!
  3. Alternate Reservoir Mounting in the front
  4. Extensive Custom Shock Tuning. They’ve utilized their own proprietary Carli Shock Piston in all King Shocks since they designed it in the late 2000’s; once installed, these test on-road and off-road until they’ve achieved the ride they're after.

They want it to perform well in the dirt but NOT at all costs; they're not willing to suffer the on-road ride of heavy valving for big-hits – they're after balance.

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