Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)
Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)
Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)
Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)
Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)

Apex - RPVD Standard Length - Set of 4 (X02-02-001)


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Apex Single RPV STD Length (SKU X02-02-002) innovative, patent-pending fast deflation tire valve allows you to quickly deflate your tires in a matter of seconds.


  • Unscrew the valve stem cover and place your preferred pressure gauge onto the valve.
  • Now simply slide gate cover out and watch your air gauge real-time as the pressure drops.
  • Slide the gate cover closed and replace the cap...you're done.

The toggle action allows you to precisely throttle the air to hit your exact desired pressure.

It’s fast... very fast. You can expect tire deflation from 35 PSI TO 10 PSI IN LESS THAN 15 SECONDS. [Based on a 35” tire] 

IMPORTANT: You need to measure your valve stem wells before you order your RPVs in order to determine which length you will need. Please do not send us an email asking which length to buy as our answer will be to measure your wheel. Here is a video that demonstrates that process: HOW TO MEASURE YOUR VALVE STEM WELL

IMPORTANT: If you have OEM Toyota/Japanese TPMS Sensors you will need to purchase the TPMS Adapter kit.

[NOTE: This product is not compatible with AEV wheels]

Sets to choose from:

  • Single [STD] - SKU X02-02-002
  • Set of 5 [STD] - SKU X02-02-001 + X02-02-002

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