American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)
American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)
American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)
American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)
American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)

American Adventure Lab - ICOM 5100 Mounting Kit (JL-1533XX)

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This kit can include each of the following depending on your specific needs and setup:

HD RAM Mount

This bracket is designed to attach the official RAM Mount ball mount directly to our Overhead MOLLE Shelf.


  • (1) RAM Mount – RAM-B-347U
  • (2) Aluminum Spacers
  • (1) Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • (1) Hardware Pack with Zinc Plated bolts and Nylon Lock Nuts

This is the “Heavy Duty” version of the ball mount. This bracket spreads the forces out very well and is mounted extremely securely. This mount is specifically well-suited for tablets, phones, handheld radio brackets, etc. Mounting your devices on the Overhead MOLLE Shelf keeps them out of your field of view letting you focus on the road. With your devices mounted closer to the roof, the sun glare is eliminated.


Icom 5100 Ram Mount Adapter

The Icom 5100 may be the best bang for the buck out there in terms of fully functional communications radios. However, the display is not easy to mount. Fear not! Using our RAM mount adapter, you can mount your Icom 5100 display anywhere you have a RAM mount.

We may be biased, but this works very well with our Jeep JL Overhead MOLLE Shelf.

Laser cut from .090″ aluminum.

Official RAM mount ball is included but you will need to get a connecting arm and vehicle mount.

Includes bolts to secure the adapter to the Icom 5100 display as well.


RAM Mounts Double Socket Arm RAM

  • Low-profile design with an overall length of 2.42″ and socket-to-socket length of 1.75″
  • Attaches to any B size RAM ball component, including mounting bases and device holders; double ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability of your RAM mounting system
  • Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • 1″ Rubber Ball “B” Size
  • Overall Length: 2.38″
  • RAM socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles


Icom 5100 Mounting Bracket

We have been running the Icom 5100 in our shop vehicles and customer builds for a while. This bracket is specifically designed for the Icom 5100, but may work with other Icom models.

It is intended to mount on our JL Overhead MOLLE Shelf, but can definitely be used to secure the radio in many other places.

Built from 14ga steel.

Weighs .5lbs.

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