MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&
MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro&

MetalCloak - HD Control Arm Pro'lignment Kit, JL Wrangler, JT Gladiator (7674)

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MetalCloak's Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator Front Control Arm Drop Bracket corrects the control arm angle and caster for 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5" lift heights. Brackets allows the use of factory/non-adjustable control arms or aftermarket adjustable control arms.



  • Flattened Control Arm Angles

  • Corrected Caster

  • Improved Braking Performance

  • 3/16" Steel Plate Fully Welded 1 Piece Design

  • Gusseted And Boxed-In For Strength

  • Gold Zinc Plated

  • Skid Washers

  • All Hardware Needed

  • Bolts Directly Into Factory Location

  • Made in the USA


Front Control Arm Drop Bracket

MetalCloak’s Control Arm Drop Bracket & Caster Correction Kit is the perfect solution for lifted Jeep JL Wranglers and JT Gladiators using aftermarket or factory control arms. This product enables the use of OE factory control arms without the need for problematic cam bolts and will flatten out the angle of the arms for better drivability. The entire bracket assembly is welded together for strength and then simply uses factory locations to bolt into place.


What Does It Do?

Adding this Drop Bracket improves front control arm geometry and adjusts front axle caster for lifted JL Wranglers and JT Gladiators. The benefits are immediately felt with a smoother ride and superior braking performance with less front end dive. Maximize the comfort and performance of your Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator with MetalCloak’s Control Arm Drop Bracket/Castor Correction Kit.


But why not recessed bolt holes?

When products are new they fit just fine... now go bash them on the trail and see how they line up, they don't!

In critical areas for attachment that can get misaligned we have encapsulated the head of the bolts with skid guard washers for the bolt head that protects and affords slotted holes to ease re-installation when servicing your Jeep.


What's in the Kit?

  • Front Control Arm Drop Brackets
  • Bracket Spacers
  • Skid Washers
  • All Required Hardware


2024 Models: Due to a frame bracket change the HD Control Arm Pro'lignment Kit will not work on 2024+ JL Wranglers or JT Gladiators.

Suspension Alignment: We recommend you have a suspension specialist align your Jeep once a MetalCloak suspension is installed.

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