MetalCloak - Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders, JL Wrangler/JT Gladiator, Front, Pair (6200-AL*)
MetalCloak - Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders, JL Wrangler/JT Gladiator, Front, Pair (6200-AL*)
MetalCloak - Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders, JL Wrangler/JT Gladiator, Front, Pair (6200-AL*)

MetalCloak - Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders, JL Wrangler/JT Gladiator, Front, Pair (6200-AL*)

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MetalCloak's Overland Front Tube Fenders for the Jeep JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator are Light weight Aluminum Tube Fenders that increase strength, protection and clearance while including the iconic "plug & play" JL/JT Running Lights.


Features Include:

  • Driver & Passenger Fenders
  • More Clearance Than Stock JL/JT Rubicon Fenders
  • One Piece - No Additional Flare to Buy
  • 1/8" Aluminum Plate Surface Mount
  • 1 1/2" .120 Aluminum Tubing
  • Plug and Play LED Light System
  • LED Front Facing Light
  • LED Side Marker Lights
  • Smart Control Board Interface
  • All Installation Hardware and Brackets
  • *Option of Raw or MetalCloak's Signature Black Powdercoat.
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in the USA


Craftsmanship Like No Other...

Undeniable MetalCloak Quality and Style for the JL/JT

The Overland Aluminum Tube Fenders are famous for their great looks and precision fitment. 


Coverage By Design

The Overland Aluminum Fenders have all the coverage you want with the precision fit you expect from MetalCloak.

Each fender is CAD designed and engineered for the highest quality and the best trail-proven performance.

And the clearance is more then the Stock "uncut" Rubicon Fender.


Additional Strength

The Overland Aluminum Front Fenders have an additional 1/8" gusset adding even MORE strength!


Integrated LED Marker Lights

MetalCloak's Fenders are about clean lines and great fitment; it continues down to the last details.

Your Overland Aluminum Fender kit includes a bright and integrated LED Running Light Strip and 3/4" Amber LED Turn Signal.


Smart Board

The heart of this unique LED system is a smart control circuit board that interfaces with your Jeep to determine halogen or LED, and flawlessly integrates into your stock wiring harness to eliminate any aftermarket warning light. Just plug and play.


What's in the Kit?

  • Front Overland Fenders
  • Fender Brackets
  • Marker Lights
  • All Required Hardware



Custom Paint:TEST FIT METALCOAK PRODUCT PRIOR TO HAVING CUSTOM PAINTED/POWDERCOATED. MetalCloak is not responsible for the cost of ANY custom finishes that have been applied.

Finish:This system comes in raw and MetalCloak's signature black powdercoat.


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