AEV - Colorado 33" Tire Clearance Kit
AEV - Colorado 33" Tire Clearance Kit
AEV - Colorado 33" Tire Clearance Kit

AEV - Colorado 33" Tire Clearance Kit

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AEV’s 33” Tire Clearance Kit for the 2017+ Colorado ZR2 and ZR2 Bison is a cost effective solution for customers looking to fit a 33″ tall tire (285/70R17) under their truck, without the need for a lift or leveling kit! This kit isn’t just about providing additional clearance in the front end of your truck either. We developed this 33” Tire Clearance Kit with the rear end in mind as well. By fully articulating the truck’s suspension, we identified and addressed key contact points at all four corners of the truck. Since trimming is necessary to prevent contact under full articulation regardless of lift height, this kit will also benefit customers with a leveling kit already installed and are planning to take their truck off-road.

The AEV 33” Tire Clearance Kit includes all the necessary front and rear closeout panels, support brackets and trim templates for a clean and professional looking installation.

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