Intensity LED Bar

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The ARB Intensity LED Light Bar's creation introduces a specifically designed heat sink and light bar mounting system. These features are pivotal to the seamless integration of the light bar onto the vehicle's bull bar or roof rack. Further benefits of this system include improved light bar stability and driving vision than the commonly used systems on other style light bars.

Engineered in Australia and manufactured in the United States, using the same patented lens/reflector technology as in our existing ARB Intensity LEDs (two rows of 20 individual LEDs) encased in a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens.

AR40SARM761 Kit Includes AR40S Light Bar, 76.1mm Tube Mounts and Harness


  • 40 individual LEDs (two rows of 20 individual LEDs)
  • Available in either a combo beam or spot beam configuration
  • 9200 raw lumen output
  • Optional kits available with bull bar & rack mounting options (see press release for other kit numbers)
  • Standard pedestal mounts (standard in kit part numbers AR40SARMP & AR40CARMP)
  • All kits include stainless fasteners
  • Large aluminum extrusion body with cooling fins act as heat sing to draw heat away from LEDs
  • Kits include ARB tamper proof hardware
  • Sealed light to allow IP68 rating for protection against dust ingress and submersion up to 3 meters
  • Includes 3.5mm injection moulded polycarbonate and hard coated clear cover. Optional colors available.
  • ARB wiring loom 3500810 included in kit.
  • Optional loom extension 3500820 available.