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West Coast Off-Roaders is your Vancouver & North Shore Jeep & Truck custom, alloy rims and off-road wheels expert. We carry over 100 brands of wheels and tires to deliver you the right product for your vehicle. Whatever your needs, we have the best on- and off-road tires and wheels for your application.

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Custom & Performance Off-Road Tires

Being optimized for “all” means being optimized for “none.” If you plan to do any off-roading, stock or “all-weather” tires simply won’t do. So called all-season tires are actually designed for no-season. Meaning, they have middle-of-the road traction, longevity, and control that hasn’t been optimized for any condition. If you drive on well-paved streets and in mild seasonal conditions, your standard all-weather tire should be able to get you from A to B without any problems. However, if you come across diverse terrain, drive in all or extreme weather conditions, go off road, tow heavy loads, need performance and longevity, or need application-specific utility from your vehicle, performance and off-road tires are a necessity.

Off-road tires are thicker, larger, have greater grip and deeper tread, and are usually non-directional, meaning they can be rotated and flipped to extend their lifespan. Teaming off-road tires with wider performance wheels mean you can adjust tire pressure to increase or decrease traction for various terrain and muddy or snowy conditions. Typical stock tires and wheels can quickly degrade under similar conditions – tire walls can expand out of wheel barrel, causing folding or bursting over outer lip. Off-road tires, however, have additional rubber layers (upwards of 10 layers vs. 3 in stock tires) giving greater strength and reinforcement. Proper rims also help to prevent tire bulge and beading.

Performance tires are also designed for application-specific purposes. If driving on hills, through mud, gravel or sand, in water or snow, or at high speeds, application-specific tires can give greater grip, prevent hydroplaning, perform dependent on ambient or surface temperatures, and a variety of other optimizations. Teamed with a lift kit, tires can also be much larger than you would achieve from stock suspension. If looking to drive over large boulders and rocks or through deep waters and mud, larger off-road tires will give you extra leverage and height to give you the power and clearance you need for extreme conditions.

Custom & Off-Road Wheels & Alloy Rims

Performance rims are where aesthetics meet performance. Rims are available in an unlimited variety of colours, finishes, trims, and sizes. Ranging from 15-21 inches, even your largest off-road tires can be installed. Available in matte, gold, brass, chrome and satin finishes with contrasting or tonal spokes, caps, and bores, you can choose a finish that works perfectly with your paint job or custom wrap project.

Alloy wheels help to reduce your vehicle’s overall weight allowing you to put the weight where it counts, like your trailer, camping gear, bed loads and passengers! Alloy wheels give extra strength that old and heavy steel wheels can’t; they offer better weather protection against the elements – offering rust protection from salt and sand; and, they are optimized for tubeless tires. Unlike stock rims, performance alloy rims help maintain the tire’s air pressure.

West Coast Off-Roaders is a proud licensed dealer, fitter & installer of the following premium brands. 

Car, Truck & Off-Road Tires:

  • BF Goodrich
  • Cooper
  • Federal
  • Mickey Thompson
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Oklahoma
  • Michelin
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • FOX
  • And more….

Car & Truck Rims & Wheels:

  • Method
  • KMC
  • RBP
  • Fuel
  • ATX
  • ION
  • Motometal
  • And more….

Based on your vehicle model and needs West Coast Off-Roaders can fit you with the right wheels and tires for your Jeep, truck, and performance vehicle. Contact today us for a consultation or to book an appointment for fitting and installation.

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