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West Coast Off-Roaders is your Greater Vancouver & North Shore 3M Vinyl Vehicle Wrap expert. Let our Preferred 3M Certified installers help you with your wrap today. Whatever your vehicle wrap needs, we can take care of it. From Full Solid Colour Change Vinyl Truck Wraps, to Custom Marketing Car Wraps for business, to Clear Protective Vinyl Vehicle Wraps for storing or shipping your vehicle, we have solutions for any application. Call us for a consultation or quote, or send us your artwork today to get started.

West Coast Off-Roaders Offers the Following Vehicle Wrap Services:

  • Full Colour Change Vinyl Wraps
  • Graphic & Signage Wraps
  • Clear Vinyl Surface Protection Wraps
  • Chrome, matte, glossy, carbon, metallic vinyl finishes
  • Panel and Accessory Wraps
  • Vehicle Unwrapping and Re-Wrapping
  • Custom Design Services
  • Colour Matching & Duplication
  • Luxury & Special Order Colour & Finishes
  • 3M Premium Vinyl Wrapping
  • 3M Preferred Installation
  • & more...

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Vehicle Wrap Benefits:

Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is probably most commonly known for its use in wrapping trucks and vans with graphics for business and advertising. Vinyl vehicle wrapping, however, is used for much more than that. In the performance vehicle and off-roading communities, vehicle wrapping is also well known for its use in quickly and dramatically changing the appearance of your vehicle, protecting your paint job from minor scrapes and natural elements, its sustained resale value and cost-effectiveness compared to paint jobs, and for its low-maintenance properties when applied as a complete or colour change wrap on your vehicle. 

Graphic & Signage Vehicle Wrapping

If you’ve got a new business, a fleet of vehicles, or are just updating your current branding, vinyl graphic and signage wraps will give you the results you need. Vinyl wraps can be customized for particular panels or your entire vehicle. If you need logos, lifestyle images, intricate or complex details, or just a variety of different graphics and information on one vehicle, a custom 3M graphic wrap will give you the consistent and amazing results that paint jobs simply cannot achieve. Choosing high-quality printers and Certified Preferred 3M installers will ensure your designs come out on time and as planned.

Full Truck & Car Colour Change Wrap

Full vehicle wrapping is probably the most dramatic visual enhancement you can do to any vehicle. Vehicle wraps allow you to completely change the colour and appearance of your entire vehicle or specific panels and elements to an almost infinite selection of colours or patterns.

Feel like making your Jeep full camouflage for the Summer or Winter? Feel like changing your old blue truck to cherry-apple red? Or, have you been eying that matte black or gold finish for your Lamborghini or Ferrari? Full vehicle wraps let you make this decision on a whim, get amazing results, protect the vehicle’s body and stock paint, and impress yourself or your friends with your creativity. Vehicle wraps also give you the peace-of-mind to know you can easily change your decision down the road.

Clear and Protective Vinyl Wraps are another option that is used if you are planning to transport your vehicle or store it long term. Protective vinyl wraps are what a stock vehicle would be wrapped in when coming from the dealership or being transported overseas, across country, or any other distance that could involve the elements damaging the vehicle. You can choose this option if you are planning to store your vehicle for an indefinite amount of time or plan to leave it uncovered or somewhere that the elements may reach.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping Vs. Paint Job

A full colour change vehicle wrap offers several advantages to doing a complete paint job. Below are just a few of these advantages.

Vinyl Wrap Protection: In addition to making your car look great, the vinyl adds another layer to your car’s finish protecting the body and paint underneath from the odd rock or scratch from a tree branch or other light off-road hazard. The vinyl also helps protect from sand, salt, and dirt from snowy treated highways or desert-like off-road environments.

Wrapping for All Vehicle Types: Vinyl vehicle wrapping can be done for almost any vehicle and area. It’s also possible to wrap areas that may not paint as easily, like vehicle handles, rails or other guards.

Resale & Reverting Back To Original Colour: Giving a vehicle a full paint job usually decreases its resale value rather than increasing it because buyers typically prefer conventional rather than unconventional colours. Vehicle wrapping, on the other hand, usually increases value. Because the wrap protects the paint below it, the original colour is usually maintained and fresh. Additionally, it is very easy to remove a vehicle wrap to revert to its previous colour. When reselling the vehicle the new buyer has the option to keep the wrap or remove it.

Wrapped Vehicle Maintenance: Compared to new paint jobs, vehicle wraps have minimal maintenance to keep their look. Typically a paint job needs to be cleaned frequently and carefully, polished and waxed, to keep its fresh look and optimal appearance; whereas vehicle wraps can let dirt sit or wash it quickly and leave – no prolonged processes or maintenance.

Unique Look, Detailed Design & Consistent Colour: Vehicle wrapping allows for an infinite amount of colours and custom prints. Unlike paint jobs, vinyl wraps can deliver extremely high detail and complex designs. If you’ve got a favourite pattern or idea of finish and fit, it can usually be achieved. If you need your company’s artwork spread across in various or difficult areas, vehicle wrapping is the only choice you should consider. White camouflage in winter and sand camouflage in summer have never been easier to achieve. Colours are consistent and can be easily duplicated. If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles you need to be all the same colour, a vinyl wrap is much more reliable than paint matching and mixing every time a vehicle is added.

Pricing, Install Time, & Craftsmanship: Vehicle wrapping is typically much more economic and quicker to install than painting. Pricing ranges anywhere from 25-60 percent of the cost of a quality paint job; and, install time can be done within a few days or a week. Quality painting, on the other hand, usually takes 1-2 weeks with a further curing time after to ensure paint doesn’t smear, imprint or streak. Wraps are ready to go out of the shop. Furthermore, finding a qualified painter or body shop to do your work can be difficult and mistakes are difficult to fix. With choosing Certified 3M Preferred Installers you know you can find a vehicle wrapper you can trust.

3M Quality and Craftsmanship You Can Trust

West Coast Off-Roaders is a proud licensed 3M Vinyl Wrap dealer and installer. Our installers are 3M Preferred certified, meaning they have been through an extensive 3-step module training and extended quality-control period. This ensures you will receive the best service and installation of your 3M Vinyl Wrap. 

Contact us for a consultation and recommendations, or to book an appointment for fitting and installation. We install new full suspension kits and offer suspension repair if you’ve damaged your current suspension. We offer lift kits for Jeep, Wrangler, Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, Chevy and more.

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