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West Coast Off-Roaders is your Vancouver & North Shore Jeep & Truck Off-Road Camping Gear and Truck Accessory expert. Specializing in Proquip & ARB Australia camping gear and equipment.

Our 4X4 & Off-Road Protection Equipment includes:

  • AC/DC Weather Resistant and Weather Proof Indoor-Outdoor Portable Fridge Freezers
  • Roof Tents
  • Truck & Roof Rack Awnings
  • Roof-Rack Mosquito Net Awnings
  • Swag Tents
  • Portable Folding Canvas Chairs
  • LED Hand & Headlamps
  • Storm-Proof Storage & Duffle Bags
  • Pro Quip BPA-Free UV Resistant Water Cantines
  • Pro Quip Plastic & Metal Fuel Cans for Petrol, Diesel, Solvents, Etc.
  • And more….  

Located at 104 Garden Ave, North Vancouver BC – (604) 770 1252. Serving North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby and the Lower Mainland BC. Call us today!

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For the enthusiast, off-roading and camping go hand-in-hand. Whether going for a day trip or extended off-roading trip, having the right camping gear and accessories completes your experience. We all gotta eat! (and sleep!).

At West Coast Off-Roaders we know that many trips are spontaneous, so we keep most of our products in stock and ready to take on your trip today. Water cantines, fridges, LED headlamps, storm-proof bags, swag tents and more are in our warehouse and showroom. If you need truck or Jeep attachments like roof-racks, tents, screens, and awnings that need installation, we can usually get them installed within a day or two depending on our appointments.

West Coast Off-Roaders’ Camping and Outdoor Gear Supply Includes:

ARB Truck & Car Camping Gear:

ARB AC/DC Weather-Resistant and Weather-Proof Portable Fridges

  • Can be permanently installed indoor or outdoors on truck beds, cabins, boats and more
  • Energy Efficient – Run on 1 amp per hour; can run for 12 hours without needing to restart engine
  • Durable & reliable Danfoss compressors – Top-rated global commercial performance compressors
  • Temperature ranges from -18c to 10c
  • Drain plugs for easy cleaning – perfect for the hunter or fisher 

Roof Tents

Convert your roof & roof-rack to a useable 2-3 person tent – complete with foam mattress, canvas shell, rain and weather-resistant polyester cover, fly-sheet, screen-vented windows, ladder access to climb in and out, annex attachment for your pet and more. 

Portable Truck & Roof-Rack Awning

Built for days in the sun or rain, the ARB truck awning attaches to the side of your roof rack and extends off the side of your truck. Meant to protect you from blistering heat or torrential rain, the awning is the off-roaders best friend when they want to enjoy some food, rest or drink but the weather does not want to cooperate. Made of heavy-duty materials and mechanics, the ARB truck & roof rack awning will keep you and your friends comfortable when the elements won’t.

Roof-Rack Mosquito Tents

When the sun goes down the mosquitos come out. Just because the sun is set doesn’t mean it’s time for bed. ARB mosquito tents pull out from your roof rack attached to your ARB awning, making nighttime chill-time. 

ARB Swag Tents

In Australia – the real outback – swag tents are what the experts use. A sleeping shell that is weather resistant and weatherproof, the swag will protect you and your mate from the elements and critters.

  • Boot Swag – A mini swag for your shoes or small pet. No need to bring your dirty shoes in the tent. Keep them stored, dry and protected from the elements and critters. 

Portable Folding Canvas Chairs

Quality chairs don’t come from Walmart! Sometimes called Muskoka chairs in Canada, these portable chairs have the durability you would expect from ARB, complete with drink holders, back cushions, strong lightweight legs and reinforced seams. These chairs are built for elements and comfort.

West Coast Off-Roaders is a proud licensed dealer of these premium camping brands

  • ARB
  • Pro Quip
  • and more...

West Coast Off-Roaders is a proud licensed dealer of ARB & Pro Quip truck and off-road camping gear and accessories. Contact us today for the best in off-road camping gear. We keep most items in stock or can get them to you quickly. Installations of attachments can often be done same-day or within a day or two depending on stock and shop schedule.

Contact Us Today for a Consultation or Quote: (604) 770-1252